Commercial Services

According to the Health and Safety Act Law 96(I)/1996, all commercial businesses should provide a hygienically clean and safe workplace for their employees and their guests.

Ermones Commercial Services cover:  


  • Small offices to commercial office buildings
  • Food Establishments
  • Food Processing plants.
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Residential Apartments
  • Schools
  • Museums
  • Airport
  • Ships


As business operators it is your responsibility to care for the welfare of your employees as well as your customers.

Due to the sensitive clientele of our commercial clients, we make special arrangements for the pest control service visits to be done during non-working hours.

Museums, Schools, Healthcare facilities, Clinics & Hospitals are very sensitive places to perform pest management. Our PMPE program also includes: Private schools, Day Care facilities, colleges and universities. Protecting students, faculty and staff from the health risks of pest activity.


Healthcare & clinic facilities are also very sensitive institutions. Patients weakened by illness or injury must not be exposed to the additional health hazards of pest activity or pesticide exposure. Ermones approach allows you to control pests with no pesticides at all in the most sensitive areas of these facilities. In less sensitive areas, targeted application of low-risk pesticide is used only in response to specific pest activity. Providing a healthier environment for patients and healthcare providers is something we take very seriously.


Museums are again extremely sensitive places for very different reasons. Priceless artifacts can be lost forever as a result of pest damage or exposure to certain pesticides. But at Ermones Pest Control, we know the right treatment for these centers. Just call us for a free inspection and we will satisfy all your concerns.

Our Commercial Program includes:

  • Annual Maintenance Service Agreement
  • 24-Hours - 7 Days a week emergency service
  • Emergency calls - Justified Calls - If not justified each call will be charged with a "Minimum Call" fee1
  • Service Report upon each visit
  • Advise the customer about new Laws or changes in Laws and Regulations especially in food hygiene sectors
  • Single point of contact - no confusions no misunderstandings

Did you know that Pest activity is among the top five causes of consumer complaints?