Termite Control

Termite management is a major portion of pest control professionals in Cyprus. Termite control technicians must have good knowledge of building construction, wood types and their properties, termite biology, the training for proper and safe use of chemicals but most importantly the knowledge what methodology to follow, and the ability to use the proper tools for the job execution. 

Termite Control Solutions by Ermones

Termite control has many different methodologies than can be used against termite's attack.

Pre-construction Treatment

The most effective and economical less expensive to protect your home against termites is during the designing and planning and the construction process of your home. Ermones can assist you and your architect for key point’s advice to note about your home. With a small consultancy fee we can provide you with written points to address during designing and during construction process or even work with the architect during construction for supervising the process.

Whether you building in your own land or buying from a developer before the building process were begun it would be a good idea to treat your soil with termicide. Most people ignore these comments but to build a house especially to protect your kitchen from a potential threat that would be a very wise decision.

Post-construction Treatment

In this case usually the house is been attacked by termites and the homeowner has found signs of them. That means some structure of the house has already been destroyed. Ermones technicians can perform a thorough inspection in your property to identify the size of the infestation. The solution to an existing home will be spot-treatment. That means that the application usually takes place near the points that we have wooden structure attached to the ground or to the walls (door frames, kitchen, furniture etc)

The photos below show different sites in different areas of Cyprus with infestations and the damages by termites. They show how and where Ermones Technicians drill to protect a typical wooden door and the termicide application process. In addition you can see after we close the holes; the drilling points are no longer visible.

How they invade your home

Through construction joints

  • Through retaining wall joints and cracks
  • Through floor cracks over 1/16th"
  • Through plumbing, electrical, or other slab penetrations

Effective termite control usually requires specialized equipment and often a large quantity of prepared termiticide solution is needed to be applied per house, depending on size, infestation size, etc. Termite soil treatment is normally a job for the professional licensed, experienced pest control operator.

Termite Control by Ermones comes with a Certificate of Warranty for 7 years. Our warranty covers our labour cost, tools and chemicals involved.

Termite Inspection process by Ermones

We don’t charge for our existing customers or their employees for a visit to inspect their home. The inspection is free unless the property owner will ask for an inspection report. In that case, an inspection and consultancy fee will be applicable. Call us for more info.