Cyprus Snakes TherkoThe public generally perceives all snakes as dangerous, although only couple of species in Cyprus are actually poisonous. Most snakes are non-poisonous and pose no serious danger to humans. Snakes are beneficial because they significantly reduce rodent populations and help to maintain the ecosystem. Therefore, safely repelling or removing them from human habitats is preferable over indiscriminate killing of these reptiles.
Poisonous Snakes can and do cause serious injuries to humans and pets, and all snakes can cause anxiety in humans by their presence in the area.
There are two forms of control measures that can be taken (nonlethal and lethal). The difference is that while nonlethal measures can be taken at any time, lethal measures can only be taken when a snake is seen.
Snake control can best be accomplished by depriving the snakes of the things they need to live. This includes harborage (a place to live and hide), food and water. In other words, keeping the weeds mowed around the building and keeping the rodent population at zero tt will pretty well eliminate snakes in a residential area.
There is only one form of control measure that can be taken against snakes: Snake repellant. This product will repel a Snake and prevent it from entering the treated area. This prevention is again very conditional. If the snake wants to enter the treated are it will. A snake repellant can work only when the snake is calm. In Cyprus reptiles are protected by law and no Nonlethal control measures are the most commonly practiced forms of control by our technicians. If a snake enters a structure, it may be very difficult to find.