Birds can be a nuisance and create many serious health and safety concerns by their presence when they nest on our structures. Loss of product, damage to crops, cleanup and maintenance costs are just a few of the concerns that these nuisance birds can create.

The feral Pigeon is the only bird in the world that will make nests using its own droppings. These droppings, when dry, harbour over 40 known diseases including Salmonellosis, Cryptococci’s, Histoplasmosis and Ornithosis, the latter two causing blindness and even death.

Accumulating and decaying bird droppings create offensive odors and will attract flies and other disease carrying insects, increases the presence of bird mites, pathogenic viruses, fleas, flies, blocked gutters, roof leaks etc.

Droppings are also highly corrosive, not only to metal, but to concrete as well.

Freshly painted surfaces do not stay clean for too long. Birds can mess up a building façade within 5 weeks.

Ermones Long lasting Solutions

Through our ability to install these methods, our bird control service is backed by warranties of up to fifteen years.

Ermones Pest Control with a long experienced in the field can service:

  • Churches
  • Residential Apartments
  • Stadiums
  • Government Buildings
  • Manufacturing & Warehouse facilities
  • Museums

To control birds without harming them, exclusion and repellent systems are the foundation of our programs. The objectives for our techniques are to:

  • Effectively prevent birds from roosting.
  • Maintain the appearance and integrity of the building.
  • Be inconspicuous and reversible.
  • Protect the building’s occupants.

Our experts evaluate each situation to develop a customized approach, and they have the experience to correctly provide you with solutions such us:

Clean-up & Sanitation Services – Proper cleanup and sanitation is an essential part of a successful bird

Control program.

Bird waste should be completely removed before the installation of any bird control products. We offer a number of cleaning services, including steam cleaning, power washing, and odor control that can be adapted to any situation.

Bird Netting Installation – A virtually invisible netting can be installed to totally eliminate birds from roosting and nesting. Different mesh sizes are available and colors to match the building, to provide a long term, virtually invisible installation. Specific installation specifications – consisting of hardware, fasteners, and other concerns – are discussed prior to the installation. We offer 15 Years of written warranty on all of our installations.

Spikes – Stainless steel spikes, poly-carbonate spikes, or a combination of the two can be installed on horizontal roosting and perching areas without penetrating building surfaces. There are a variety of sizes and models to choose from to provide a customized solution to match the particular needs of your building.

Wire Deterrent System – Horizontally strung stainless steel, plastic-coated wires are strategically placed on areas where birds commonly roost and perch to physically take up the space they would normally occupy. These areas would consist of window sills, roof parapets, cornices, and gutters.

Solar Panels – Ermones can provide you with innovative and long lasting solutions in the fight against the pigeons. Selection of different solutions which can fit you budget or demands are available.

In the cases that we cannot drill, special clips can be used. Once put in place and adjusted correctly it will close every possible entry point, will deny access under the panels to the pigeons. A thorough clean-up is required prior to the installation of the barrier.

High quality galvanized mesh wire that will last long after we leave the site

The Wire mesh that we use goes through a double galvanization process which is used specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions like Cyprus long periods of strong sunshine, high humidity, surrounded by sea having a natural process of electrolysis all year round.

Very few material can withstand these conditions. We know our tools, we know the products we use though experience and practice that’s why we will provide you with 12 years warranty on the installation and on the product.

Wire mesh using clips (no screwing is required.)
Aluminum barrier using double adhesive tape (no screwing required)
Aluminum barrier using self-drilling screws


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